Hamburgers. 8/29/20

Broiled hamburger on focaccia with garden salad

This is the first actual hamburger I have eaten in 11.5 months. Yes, I have had a couple of very low fat burgers on pita or a diet bread product a couple of times but there is really no comparison. This was a juicy hamburger on real bread!

John did a good job cooking them under the broiler since we have no grill and the stovetop here is very unreliable. I made a salad that we dressed simply with oil and vinegar.

Sunday night is our last night here in Utah before we return home. The fire nearest to us is no longer a threat and the air has cleared considerably. While on our fire “vacation” we have relaxed our dietary rules quite a bit and we will be returning to our mindful eating with the emphasis on plant-based meals when we get home!

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