Substituting ingredients. 8/30/20

Tonight we are making chicken chili with the last bit of our rotisserie chicken. Problem is, we do not have most of the ingredients that we normally use since we are still inhabiting the desert island of a rental unit. I really do not want to buy a bunch of expensive spices. We have half of a Fresno chile left so we will use that. We buy a can of white chile beans which come with some seasoning and a jar of salsa verde. Our last purchase is a packet of chile seasoning. It has chile powder and cumin in it.

This is our last night before returning home so we need to use up as much as possible from the refrigerator. I chop up onions, bell pepper, and garlic, the Fresno chile, and a carrot for sweetness. We add the beans, the salsa verde, and some chicken stock. Taste, adjust, taste again. It does not come out great but is an approximation of chile. John puts crumbled corn tortilla chips on his. I try to coax out some umami flavor with a packet of soy sauce. I also make cauliflower rice with the rest of our “power greens.”

Some times you just do the best you can. We will be driving all day Monday and just figure on some sandwiches for supper. I will be posting again on Tuesday with a new menu for the rest of the week and Tuesday’s dinner.

Chicken chili with cauliflower rice

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