Pan-Seared Shrimp with Peanuts, Black Pepper, and Lime 10/9/20

Shrimp with black pepper, peanuts, and lime served with broccoli and rice/cauliflower rice mix

John made shrimp from a recipe in the most recent Cook’s Illustrated magazine. (It is also on their paywall website.) It involved a new cooking technique where the shrimp are briefly salted and then right before cooking they have a sprinkling of sugar. The oiled up shrimp are put into an un-oiled cold pan and cooked over heat on one side. Off the heat the shrimp are turned over to finish cooking. You get a nice brown on the shrimp without overcooking.

To me, the final dish was too black peppery but otherwise was great. I made some broccoli and my rice and cauliflower rice mix. Since I was low on rice I asked John if I could mix the cauliflower rice in his portion too. Later he said he did not even notice the cauliflower rice. This is a great way to cut rice calories and lighten the glycemic load.

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