Introducing Saturday’s LFD. 10/10/20

Saturday’s LFD (Lunch or Leftovers For Dinner)  is the companion to Sunday’s BFD (Breakfast For Dinner.) For me, these two dinners are a wind down from a busy cooking week and the perfect solution for these pandemic times when you need to use up the leftovers from the week or just need a couple of stress-free meals.

Tonight’s meal turns Tuesday’s dinner into Saturday’s soup and includes a link to an almost fool-proof way to peel hard boiled eggs!

Split chickpeas and spinach soup with egg salad pita

Our double batch of Chana dal from Tuesday has been a go-to for John at lunch  this week. With just a little left, I turned it into a soup for two with the addition of vegetable broth (or you could use chicken stock), spinach, and cherry tomatoes. It made an outstanding soup!

As an accompaniment I took a lone egg out of a former 18 pack and hard boiled it. I often do this when there are only one or two eggs left and I want to make room in the fridge by clearing out the large container. Hard boiled eggs are often hit or miss especially when it comes to peeling them. Here is a link to an almost fool-proof way to get the shell off by J. Kenji Lopez-Alt. Problem solved!

My egg salad consisted of one mashed up hard boiled egg, a tablespoon of light mayonnaise, diced celery, onion, and some tarragon that our daughter brought home from her garden. Sometimes I make it fancier with capers or pickles but tonight it is all about ease.

Look for LFD as an on-going part of our weekly menu!

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