Classic chicken dinner. 10/15/20

Sous vide chicken breast with chicken/mushroom gravy, mashed potatoes, and broccoli

In these roiling times preparing a classic, comforting dinner for you and your family soothes your soul. So tonight we decide to make sous vide chicken breast with tarragon, mashed potatoes with chicken/mushroom gravy, and broccoli. We also pass up watching the town halls by the presidential candidates and opt for reading about it tomorrow. We voted this week so our preference is locked in.

John cooked our chicken breast with some tarragon leaves at 159F in the immersion circulator. He also made the gravy using a packet of powdered chicken gravy, some sautéed mushrooms, and the cooking juice from the chicken breast. I made the mashed potatoes using 1 tablespoon of light faux butter and 1/4 cup of low fat milk. I cooked the broccoli in a little water and added light faux butter as the water evaporated and the broccoli was just cooked through.

Sitting down to our comforting meal which was still well within my diet regimen was delicious, filling, and soothing. Not watching the town halls had a good effect as well. Are there any undecided voters left? Make sure your voice is heard, VOTE!

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