Shrimp tostadas. 10/16/20

Shrimp tostada with spicy black beans and Mexican rice

We originally decided to have shrimp tacos because I had bought a mango that now felt ripe and did not want to waste it. When I made the salsa, though, the mango turned out to be not ripe but green and bitter and the jalapeño I used from the garden was also unripe and bitter. So scratch the tacos.

A tostada is a fried or toasted tortilla with whatever you like on top. Actually it is an open-faced taco. I decided I wanted to pile all my shrimp on one tortilla and then give it a squirt of sriracha. I fixed our cauliflower rice/rice mix and add some canned tomatoes with chiles, plus cumin, salt, and also some sriracha. It was a hit. The black beans are simply canned beans drained, some of the canned tomatoes with chiles, salt, and cumin. Even though we made this dinner up on the fly it was really enjoyable and fun to eat!

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