Pan-seared salmon, cauli+rice, veg mix

Pan-seared salmon, riced cauliflower rice mix, broccoli stems and snow peas

We enjoyed a tasty salmon dinner last night. The salmon was cooked in about 5 minutes by John and I made the riced cauliflower and white rice mix, and the broccoli stem/snow peas combo. What? You are not using your broccoli stems?! Broccoli stems are delicious. Just peel them and either cut them or do as I did and cut them thinly on a mandoline. The idea is to cut them to about the same thickness as the snow peas so you can cook them together in the same amount of time. Plus I still have all the broccoli florets to use for another meal! The parsley tartar sauce is left over from last week. I just added a little more mayo.

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