Sous vide chicken breast with Instant Pot rutabagas, and broccoli. 12/22/20

I have got a lot of appliances working here today. The great thing about sous vide chicken is that your timeline is much more flexible because your chicken can wait for the rest of the dinner without overcooking.

Sous vide chicken breast with jus, mashed Instant Pot rutabaga, and broccoli

With the chicken perking away in its hot bath set at 159F for 1 1/2 hours I peel and cut up the rutabaga and pressure cook it for 15 minutes with a 10 minute cool down before releasing the pressure. It is mashed up with a little faux butter. I will reheat them in the microwave when we are ready to eat.

Finally there is a quick steam/sauté of the broccoli finished with a teaspoon of butter. This dinner is like a familiar hug. It is not fancy or exotic but it is really tasty. By making the rutabaga early in the day and reheating we have part of the clean-up done and the sous vide clean-up is just dumping out the water.

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