Chicken Marsala, mashed potatoes, broccoli. 1/25/21

Chicken Marsala, mashed potatoes, broccoli

To create our Marsala sauce I sautéed some mushrooms and John combined an ounce or two of Marsala with our leftover chicken gravy from last week. After adding the mushrooms and adjusting for seasoning, our sauce was ready.

John sautéed the chicken pieces in a pan with some olive oil spray. He cooked the chicken perfectly but I found it bitter and weirdly spicy from the pepper on it. John finds peppered food delicious and I find it obliterates the taste of the piece of food you are seasoning especially if used during the cooking process. He used a seasoning blend on the chicken that had pepper in it so I thought it was difficult to taste the chicken or the sauce. We are both grumpy about this. No doubt our long running argument over pepper will continue.

That aside the sauce was lovely on the mashed potatoes where I could actually taste it. I made two stalks of broccoli (a lot!) because it was getting old. No matter how much I make though, it always gets eaten. We are getting a new order from the grocery store today with more broccoli in it. We are planning on using it on Tuesday for our tuna casserole.

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