Tuna casserole. 1/26/21

When I was planning the menu for the week, I was thinking about foods which I would enjoy during a chilly, wet week. I thought fondly of a casserole that I used to make in the early days of our marriage which consisted of canned tuna, some vegetables, cream of mushroom soup, and corn muffins. Obviously we are not going to make this dish with cream of mushroom soup and corn muffins due to dietary constraints. So how to do this?

We came up with a solution of incorporating more vegetables (poblano chile, red bell pepper, corn, onions, broccoli, and mushrooms) that we would sauté first and then add the canned tuna to that mixture. To hold everything more or less together we decided on a packet of mushroom gravy and added less water to it. We also figured that incorporating an egg into it would help the cohesion. Then we baked it for about 20 minutes at 350F.

It came out pretty salty since I had salted the vegetables when I was cooking them and the gravy mix already has a lot of salt in it. Also the brown custard-y sauce is not very appealing to look at. Except for the saltiness, though, it was definitely edible.

Tuna casserole

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