Tofu and vegetable stir-fry. 1/27/21

Tofu and vegetable stir-fry

This dinner was a glorious celebration of vegetables and also a very good way to use up bits and pieces of vegetables left in your refrigerator. Except for the fact that we used fish sauce in our marinade, this is a vegan/vegetarian dinner. Marinate in soy sauce instead of a combo of fish sauce, brown sugar, and sesame oil and you will be dining vegan.

John and I, working together, got the dinner made quickly. I was at my chopping board cutting up the vegetables in the order that they were going into the pan and John was doing the stir-frying. We started with the mushrooms and ended up with the edamame and tofu squares that John had marinated earlier in the day. He also made some rice while I was out with our daughter for our weekly drive-thru lunch.

We made a lot! Now we have leftovers for lunch. Or maybe I should say we have planned-overs. Making extra portions is an excellent way to manage food preparation time and lunch variety.

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