BFD. Vegetarian fried rice. 1/24/21

This Sunday’s Breakfast For Dinner (BFD) seems a little less breakfast-y than usual. But it is basically just a sliced up omelet, some vegetables, and a little rice which is mostly all breakfast components.

Fried rice with egg and vegetables

I made my omelet first and then took it out of the pan and tossed in scallions, broccoli, celery, carrots, and cabbage. I cooked them in a little oil and sauce soy. Then I added the rice. I don’t really like crispy rice so I just broke the rice up and warmed it through. Lastly I added the cut up omelet and topped everything with a squirt of sriracha. Because my BFD had a lot of vegetables it was much more filling than just an egg and toast!

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