Chicken, mashed potatoes, Brussels sprouts. 1/29/21

Sous vide chicken breast, mashed potato, sautéed Brussels sprouts

On Friday we were supposed to have shrimp tacos but I needed something cozy, warming, and familiar. I suggested a rendition of Classic Chicken and John was totally on board. He set the sous vide for 159F and it was so nice to have the chicken wait on us to finish the rest of the meal instead of trying to get everything done at the same time.

I cooked up one russet potato for the mashed potatoes which was plenty for the two of us. I also made my Incredibly Yummy Brussels Sprouts. My kids named the sprouts that and usually just say IYBS when asking for that particular vegetable. If your kids call it “incredibly yummy” you know you have come up with a stellar way of cooking. The secret is dry sherry and a little sugar to help the sprouts brown.

John finished off by making a gravy from the chicken jus in side the sous vide bag and a packet of chicken gravy mix. It was a stellar dinner! (especially the Brussels sprouts)

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