BFD Eggs, veg patty, veg, salad. 2/7/21

Scrambled eggs and veg patty on pita with onions and mushrooms plus a mixed green salad

First let me report that John had an omelet AGAIN! I made some scrambled eggs and a veggie patty which I topped with sautéed onions and mushrooms and served atop a split half of a pita. My green salad featured arugula and tomatoes with a salsa dressing.

I enjoy these easy Breakfast For Dinner meals. They are no stress and I only have to worry about what I want to eat!

Since this is a short post I will include a picture of a great salad that I made for lunch the other day. I usually like to eat a sandwich and I really do not like making a salad but I am trying to limit carbs at breakfast and lunch. So here’s a picture of my lunch from Saturday.


Kale and romaine salad with chicken, tomatoes, and mushrooms and a non-fat salad dressing

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