Fun Purim celebration. 2/25/21

We do not usually celebrate all the Jewish holidays but since we are still pretty isolated due to the pandemic, our daughter thought that finding occasions to celebrate and make new things was a worthy project.

The idea with Purim is that you read the Book of Esther from the Bible (Esther was a Jewish queen who outwitted the evil Haman and saved the Jewish people from destruction), give to charity, eat triangular food (the shape of Haman’s hat), and get a little tipsy.  Sounds perfect!

We started out with some crackers and hummus. Since Esther was Middle Eastern we figured this was a fine appetizer to have.

Rather than make our own triangular food we hit the frozen food aisle to try to find some already made items. We were actually hoping to find spanakopita but no luck. We ended up with samosas that were stuffed with chickpeas and a tamarind chutney and came with a delicious cilantro sauce. I am planning on using this new found sauce on many things in the future. The samosa manufacturer, Sukhi’s, was nice enough to put the recipe online. Recipe for cilantro sauce.

Sukhi’s chickpea samosas with cilantro sauce

Our next find were Buffalo chicken poppers which were triangular and spicy. These were fine although it was hard to find the chicken in them and were not nearly as good as the samosas.

Buffalo chicken poppers

Finally we had homemade hamantashen that our daughter made. They were wonderful! The cookie part was crisp and delicious, kind of a like a sugar cookie. The interior was a great prune jam that she also made.


The tipsy part we took care with a couple of bottles of wine. I realize that this dinner is way off my diet but here’s the thing. If you have a bad day or, in this case, a celebration, once in a while it is not the end of the world, or your diet. The next day you just go back to eating correctly and in about two days any weight you gained from your indiscretion will probably disappear. That is how you stay with your weight loss plan. You treat yourself like you would your best friend. Mentally say, “you had a great time. You know that you will totally be fine. You have not ruined everything. This is just part of the journey.”

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