Sous vide chicken breast with roasted vegetables. 2/22/21

Sous vide chicken breast and roasted vegetables

Monday at our house is traditionally reserved for chicken. Especially when the kids were growing up they always knew that there would be some sort of chicken on Mondays. Often our daughter would be assigned to choose the spices for the chicken. One time she put on 17 different spices!

What with more plant-based cuisine and Meatless Mondays I have gotten away from Chicken Monday. Whenever we do have it, the meal is comforting. John is in charge of the chicken now and likes to sous vide it. The chicken comes out moist and delicious. I had a bunch of vegetables that needed using up so I roasted them in the oven. I started the potatoes ahead of the other veg by 10 minutes and in a 425F oven and everything was done in 20 minutes.

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