Penne with kale and mushroom. 2/23/21

Whole grain penne with kale and mushrooms

I was just mentioning to John this morning that pasta seems to go with everything. I had never made it with kale before but it worked out perfectly. I especially liked the flavor of the whole grain penne with the bitterness of the kale. Plus this dinner is healthy and quick and easy to make.

While the salted water for the pasta heated up I cut up the mushrooms and onions. John took care of slicing the garlic. I sprayed a pan with olive oil spray and sautéed the mushrooms, then added the onions, and finally the garlic. I also threw in the tough stems from the kale. John dropped the penne into the water and I added some vegetable broth and the kale to my pan. The pasta finished, John drained it, and dumped the penne into the kale/mushroom mixture. I added a little more broth and a teaspoon of olive oil, stirred it around over heat for a minute or two, and it was done.

This was a delicious dinner and I am feeling no guilt for having had a filling vegan pasta dish!

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