Chilean sea bass, kale and corn, Vichy carrots. 3/11/21

Oven-roasted Chilean sea bass, Vichy carrots, steamed kale and corn

Patagonian toothfish or commercially known as Chilean sea bass (a misnomer) is a delicious fatty white fish  that lives near Antarctica. It has been over-fished and poachers continue to make a catch of more than two times the legal amount. So it is important to buy it from lawful providers.

John roasted our fish in a 400F oven for 11 minutes and it turned out beautifully. The flesh was warm, moist and gelatinous. It is my favorite fish (and lots of other people’s favorite fish as well.)

Since I am being careful with my diet this week due to overdoing it last week, I made two vegetables instead of a starch and a vegetable. After cooking some garlic separately and adding it back in at the end of cooking, I steamed the kale and corn in a little water. I did add a pinch of sugar and a tsp. of butter to help soften the bitterness of the kale.

The Vichy carrots are basically vinegar, sugar, and butter glazed carrots with thyme and shallots. I used 1/2 teaspoon of sugar and one teaspoon of butter. They were pretty tasty!

A dinner that is lovely to look at, easy and quick to make, and delicious to eat!

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