Take-out! Zeni Ethiopian food. 3/24/21

Zeni Veggie Combo with addition of Ye beg Tibs (lamb) and Yedoro Kitvo (chicken and cheese) and Mesir Kitvo (lentils and cheese) served over and with injera (Ethiopian bread)

As a continuing part of our daughter’s birthday celebration we got take-out from another one of her and our favorite restaurants, Zeni’s in San Jose, CA. They serves authentic Ethiopian food and it is so delicious. When you dine in the restaurant which is not possible yet due to the pandemic restrictions here, you get a large platter lined with injera, the Ethiopian bread. On top of that you get whatever you ordered plus more injera to use as your utensil scooping up all the tasty treats on the platter.

Our family always gets the veggie combo which comes with lentils, split peas, injera salad, sauteed greens, and cabbage with potatoes and carrots. In addition we added a sizzling lamb component, a chicken and cheese component, and spicy lentils and cheese. After bringing all our goodies home we prepared a platter to look very much like the one at Zeni’s except a little smaller. We discovered that we had ordered enough food for the three of us to feed at least twice as many Ethiopians! But Zeni’s is a good 45 minutes away if there is no traffic so we are all glad that we got extra!

If you have an Ethiopian restaurant near you, I would suggest that you give it a try. The food is deliciously spiced and fun to eat.

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