Dining out – Bakersfield, CA. 4/30/21

This is our last dinner out before we are home tomorrow. We went to an Italian restaurant with the hopes of having eggplant parmesan, one of our real favorites. Unfortunately the restaurant pared down their menu after re-opening after the pandemic restrictions were somewhat relaxed and eggplant parmesan did not survive the cut.

So we changed gears and had chicken Marsala which has a lot fewer calories than the eggplant parmesan. It made having a piece of bread and a salad with real salad dressing fit into the day’s meals.

Chicken Marsala with angel hair pasta

To be honest, I am really looking forward to planning my menu for next week and sending it out on Sunday. These last two weeks have been a big departure from the way I normally eat now and I am looking forward to eating my own food the way John and I cook it.

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