Out to lunch – Togarashi ahi tuna. 5/20/21

Yesterday we met up with some old friends whom we have not seen since pre-pandemic. We went to a restaurant overlooking SF Bay and enjoyed the company and the view. From our seats we could see the Oakland Bay Bridge, the skyline of SF, and the Golden Gate Bridge.

From left, Oakland Bay Bridge, San Francisco skyline, Golden Gate Bridge

As you would imagine restaurants on the water specialize in seafood and I ordered Togarashi ahi tuna, with pickled radishes, shishito peppers, and rice. In my excitement to eat, I forgot to take a picture. But it looked something like this.

Togarashi ahi tuna (photo from good food.com.au)

It was pretty good, not great. But we were there to visit with our friends and the food was pretty secondary even for me. Everybody else had salads and an appetizer. I kind of felt choosing the tuna was a healthier selection.

Due to eating a big lunch we decided on just having our usual lunch for supper so I made myself a open-faced chicken sandwich with lettuce and a pickle with blueberries and yogurt for dessert. And I forgot to take a photo of that too!!

We will get back to our planned menu on Friday with the Rhode Island clam chowder. Instead of having leftovers for dinner on Saturday we will make the Ethiopian lentils then.

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