Grilled lamb, potato salad, vegetable salad

Grilled lamb with tzaziki, lemony potato salad, and tomato, cucumber, onion, and pepper salad

This is actually a plate of leftovers from our Memorial Day cookout with the family. John divided a 6 lb. boneless leg of lamb into several pieces and then cooked it to various degrees of doneness so that there was some slice that would appeal to everybody there. On Sunday we served it with pita pockets but John and I just ate it un-sandwiched with the tzaziki that I made.

I also made the lemony potato salad. It is basically steamed new potatoes that you cut up while they are still hot and plunge into a dressing of lemon and olive oil with salt, pepper, and mint. The potatoes slurp up the dressing.

Our daughter made the vegetable salad which is a combo of summer vegetables in a vinaigrette with herbs. Since we are still just in spring I am looking forward to the salads she makes with her own produce from the community garden. The grocery store has pretty looking vegetables but cannot beat the taste of the ones fresh from the ground.

Now that most of our leftover have been eaten, John and I are looking forward to getting back to our regular healthy eating plan. Tomorrow for taco Tuesday we will be making fish tacos and spicy beans!

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