Kitchen sink salad. 7/3/21

Cleaning out the fridge salad with chicken

I decided to make a salad tonight rather than the planned eggs. John opted for a bowl of cereal. I finished up the last of a bag of carrots and stalk of celery as well as making a significant dent in my lettuces. I find salads quite boring so the more I put in one the more interesting it is to me. I dressed my salad with an Asian style dressing which was left over from Monday’s zoodles fiasco.

Tomorrow is Fourth of July! We have our flag out and I will decorate our outdoor table festively even though it is just John and I celebrating. It is a good time to reflect on past celebrations and the state of our country. I hope all my American readers have a happy and patriotic day and my non-American followers have a happy and restful Sunday!

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