Sushi + Chilean sea bass, new potatoes, Vichy carrots 7/17/21

Today is our actual anniversary day and we are cooking together as we do almost every day. Since today is special we are starting off with a first course of sushi and seaweed salad that we purchased at a local upscale grocery store.

Sushi and seaweed salad

For our main course John is roasting Chilean sea bass and I am making steamed new potatoes and the Vichy carrots. John cooked the fish perfectly at 400F for 14 minutes. I gave the potatoes a head start and kept them warm when they were cooked since I wanted to use the same pan for the Vichy carrots.

While I was shopping at the above mentioned upscale market I picked up some of those thin carrots with the tops attached. Making Vichy carrots is basically cooking the carrots in a little liquid with some shallot, butter and sugar. I also made a mango salsa which included chopped Fresno chile and red onion.

Roasted Chilean sea bass, steamed new potatoes, Vichy carrots, and mango salsa

This was a fine anniversary dinner! But now I need to start thinking of what we can make and do for our 50th anniversary next year!!

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