Breaded mahi mahi, zucchini and leeks. 7/27/21

Panko breaded pan fried mahi mahi with sautéed leeks, zucchini, garlic, and tarragon

Tonight we were supposed to be using the mahi mahi in a Brazilian fish stew. We would have to do a lot of amending to the recipe to make it healthy enough for us to eat, i.e. use light coconut milk, thicken the sauce somehow, add coconut extract to boost the flavor. It just seemed like too much. What I really wanted was a piece of fried fish and tartar sauce. So what with my whining and suggesting something different, John acquiesced and went about trying to make a fried fish that was not really fried.

We had already discussed using panko breadcrumbs and a little oil and non-stick spray. John seasoned the panko and used a combo of light mayonnaise and Dijon mustard to get the breadcrumbs to sort of stick on. He cooked the fish for three and a half minutes on each side. Obviously the breading did not totally stick on but the fish was delicious with a little crunch. It was especially good dipped in the tartar sauce that I made which was a combo of light mayo, nonfat Greek yogurt, yellow mustard, relish, salt, onion and garlic powders, and some lemon juice.

I also made the zucchini which was sauteed in a little olive oil and a touch of butter. First I cooked a leek that I had cleaned and cut up. While this was going on over low heat, the zucchini was sprinkled with kosher salt to pull out extra water. I added the rinsed and dried zucchini (our daughter’s striato d’Italia zucchini which she grew from imported seeds) and a couple of cloves of sliced garlic to the pan along with chopped tarragon that I have grown on our patio. I think my zucchini dish was pretty amazing. Yum!

I am so glad that we decided to change our preparation of the fish. I am really liking this frozen mahi mahi that we bought from Costco. So far it has been excellent in tacos and now as sort of fried fish. I am sure we will make this dinner again and improve on the outcome of the semi-frying.

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