Mother’s Day Specials 5/8/22

My kids made me some special treats for Mother’s Day! Since I have to go back on my diet on Monday, I really enjoyed these over the weekend!!

First, my daughter made this delicious Swedish tea ring. Usually it has a white sugar icing glaze but I vetoed that because 1) it makes it too sweet and 2) you have to wait until it cools to put put the icing on which delays eating it! Here it is just out of the oven.

You can find her recipe here –

Swedish tea ring

On Sunday we went to our son’s house where there were hugs and cards from the grandkids and of course more treats for mom. In addition to having bagels and lox he made a delicious strata which is a bread, egg, cheese, and spicy Italian sausage concoction. Yum!


So what with all the lovely food, hugs, cards, and flowers (from John) I felt well-loved on Mother’s Day!

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