Southwest salad. 6/10/22

Southwest salad (photo from Kim’s Cravings)

It was really hot here yesterday, in the upper 90s. So we scuttled our cooking plans and made a southwest salad. John and I used to buy this salad pre-made from Costco but, as it happens with many things we like, it was discontinued. Luckily I had most of the ingredients on hand so it was just a matter of cutting stuff up, jazzing up some bottled salad dressing, and making a buffet of ingredients.

I must have been pretty excited to eat my salad since I forgot to take a picture. This picture which I found on the website, Kim’s Cravings, is a pretty good representation of the salads we constructed. I did not use the pictured jicama since I think jicama is a crunchy no taste vegetable. Plus we had green onions instead of the red ones pictured and weirdly they were the consensus star of the salad.

It is going to be hot on Saturday as well. John has suggested take-out sushi. I am all in favor of his idea. A night off for the cooks!

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