Sushi. 6/11/22

Tuna and salmon sushi

Since it has been so hot here we decided to pitch our previous plan of salmon with roasted cauliflower and keep the kitchen cool by buying take-out sushi. We get sushi from one of our local grocery stores and it is pretty good. I thought about making a salad to go with it but laziness overtook me and the sushi seemed filling enough.

Next week I am going to experiment with a low carb diet. I need a different way to achieve my goals and I have been reading a lot online recently that low carb is the way to go for lasting weight loss. I am not going to an extreme like doing keto but I am planning on keeping my carbs under 50 grams. I will be interested to see whether this kickstarts my desultory weight-loss attempts. I have already been doing low carb at breakfast and lunch so I am curious to see if I can manage it at dinner.

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