(Chicken) Niçoise salad. 8/19/22

Niçoise type salad with shredded chicken, green beans, potatoes, radishes, olives, tomatoes, eggs, pepperoncini, onions, and salad greens

Early in the morning while it was still cool I blanched green beans, boiled potatoes until tender, and hard-boiled a couple of eggs. The rest of dinner was just assembly. I had some rotisserie chicken that I shredded and quite a few of the rest of the components of the salad came from jars or bags. I thought the dinner was fine just not very exciting. The potatoes were the best part.

It has been difficult finding things to make for no-cook dinners. Unfortunately the hot weather shows no sign of abating. I will have to start scrolling through internet recipes to keep dinners cool. Hopefully I can find some new and interesting dishes.

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