Crunchy Vietnamese chicken salad 8/27/22

Crunchy Vietnamese chicken salad

I made this salad for the first time last night. The original recipe is from Food and Wine but I added a few more vegetables and replaced the peanuts with almonds and the fried shallots with chow mein noodles. Using shredded rotisserie chicken and replacing the fried shallots with chow mein noodles makes this a completely no-cook meal great for hot nights.

It is a lot of chopping, though. Shred the cabbage and carrots, or buy it pre-shredded, thinly slice red bell pepper and cucumbers (my additions), mince the garlic and ginger (my addition), shred the chicken and you are looking at more than a half hour of chopping work!

Instead of serving this as a composed salad, I put all the components out on our kitchen island and let each of us make our own salad. I was pleased that dinner got rave reviews. We decided that next time we might try tofu instead of chicken and maybe use a soy vinaigrette instead of fish sauce as a base. That way we can keep the dish totally vegan/vegetarian.

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