Grilled hamburger with chopped salad 11/2/22

Grilled hamburger with chopped salad

John made some really yummy hamburgers out on the grill in the dark! He says he can tell if they are done by how they feel and the length of time they have been cooking. This is why I leave all the protein cooking up to him! I would have to cut them in half to see if they were done enough!

I bought organic grass-fed beef for these burgers. We usually just eat the regular grind that comes from the grocery store and I was afraid that maybe these would taste strange. But, no worries, they came out tasting just about the same and they were juicy and delicious.

I like my burgers with a smear of mayo on the bottom half of the bun so that it does not get sogged out and ketchup and a slice of red onion on top. I bought a Taylor Farms salad and added some extra lettuce since there were three of us eating.

On Thursday I am off with my daughter on a 10 day vacation. Maybe I will post some airplane food tonight. We are flying SwissAir for the first time and I wonder what kind of Swiss delights they will have. For the rest of the ten days if I eat something exceptionally good or bad I will post it. Strangely, having a record of what I eat helps me to remember what I did during a trip.

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