Potstickers and broccolini. 2/22/23

Potstickers and broccolini

We were supposed to be having chickpea stew but at 7PM I had not done anything about dinner. We were watching an episode of America’s Test Kitchen where Lan was making a Chinese dish and it made me remember that we had potstickers in the freezer. So we scuttled the original plan for much easier potstickers and broccolini.

While John cooked the potstickers according to the package instructions I tried to give the broccolini an Asian spin. I cooked them in a little water and sesame oil along with sliced garlic and ginger. I seasoned them with a bit of salt and sugar. Sesame seeds went on as garnish.

The whole thing turned out quite well! I could have eaten twice as many potstickers but I am glad the package only contained eight. Chickpea stew will make it back on the menu sometime soon. It is mostly pantry ingredients so I can make it anytime.

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