A bonanza of leftovers – 10/17/16

After hugging Jon goodbye, it was time to take stock of what we had left over in the refrigerator. Hmmm, beans, rice, lasagna, peppers and onions, and the remnants of my lunches at Mongolian BBQ and Mad Pita Express.

For lunch I ate the rest of my Mongolian BBQ take-along and for dinner we heated up the lasagna and embellished a salad with Mad Pita leftovers.

Salad with leftovers

Salad with leftovers

Leftover lasagna with salad

Leftover lasagna with salad

Tomorrow we will cobbled together another leftover dinner with the rest of the bits and pieces in the refrigerator and a chicken breast. Time to get back on the straight and narrow – the holidays are looming ahead!

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