Refrigerator soup – 10/18/16

We’ve decided to head home on Friday and need to start the eat-down. For lunch today I made a variation on “null soup”, my pointless WW vegan soup. This soup contains everything left in the refrigerator, including meat and starchy vegetables, that makes sense together in a soup.

Refrigerator soup

Refrigerator soup

Today’s soup included two limp carrots, half of a leftover onion, a small stalk of broccoli, a few new potatoes, the rest of a head of garlic, some parsley, the remnants of a bag of frozen corn, and a piece of turkey sausage all in some chicken broth. I added some pepper flakes for a little zing. Originally I figured I would eat it for lunch on Tuesday and Wednesday but John decided to help by chopping up the garlic so I had to share it with him. I will have to make something magical from my empty refrigerator tomorrow!


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