Out to lunch – 2/9/17

Here it is Friday and I haven’t made dinner for two nights in a row. I think before Wednesday I had cooked twelve days in a row so I guess I am entitled to a rest. Wednesday we had Moo Shu Pork and Mongolian Beef from our local Chinese restaurant and on Thursday we went out to lunch so we just picked at things we had  in the refrigerator for dinner.

Here is what I had for lunch at Posada –  Contemporary Southwest, a restaurant in Livermore, CA.

Mahi mahi fish tacos with watermelon salad

Mahi mahi fish tacos with watermelon salad

Two things first off, the picture was taken with my husband’s phone and it is not nearly as good as my iPhone for photography.  Secondly, that is his beer. I drank water.

The dish consisted of pan fried chipotle mahi-mahi atop corn tortillas with chipotle mayo, pickled cabbage slaw, smoky sweet pepper sauce and side of watermelon salad. It was all very good. The fish was not at all greasy and was moist with good chipotle flavor. The corn tortillas were small but delicious! The watermelon salad was fine. I am not a big watermelon fan so John ate half of mine.

Good lunch with good friends makes for an enjoyable afternoon!


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