Turkey meatloaf -2/10/17

Turkey meatloaf with broccoli and carrots

Turkey meatloaf with broccoli and carrots

Boy, do I love meatloaf. But meatloaf is not a friend of trying to eat healthier. So I have been working on a ground turkey version.  We ended up making a large meatloaf using 2 lbs. of lean ground turkey. This way we will have lots of leftovers for sandwiches. Along with your usual meatloaf ingredients, I added 1 lb. of mushrooms chopped finely in the food processor. I cooked these until they stopped exuding liquid. They have good umami flavor. I also added about a teaspoon of fish sauce which also deepens the flavor.

I cooked the meatloaf in a cast iron Dutch oven. It was supposed to get to 170F but the first time I stuck in my Thermo-pen, it was already 190F so it turned out a little drier than it should have. I need to make a note on my recipe sheet to test it earlier.

Another way I am trying to cut down is by having plenty of vegetables instead of a starch on my plate. We’ll see how this goes as I am an avid carbohydrate lover.


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