Inverted shepherd’s pie,sort of – 4/16/17

On Saturday we got the family together for our annual Passover Seder. It is more of a springtime celebration for us than a religious event although we carefully follow the ceremony in the Haggadah. We talk and laugh and sing songs and it is a totally enjoyable event and respectful to John’s heritage. What we had was matzoh soup, grilled lamb, mashed potatoes, and asparagus. Tonight we had leftovers and I wanted to try to turn my leftovers more in keeping with my new dining regime. So I made an inverted shepherd’s pie.

Inverted shepherd’s pie

I took a scoop of the mashed potatoes and shaped them into a ring, then I added quite a bit of broccoli, then some small pieces of lamb, and I finished it with topping of chopped leaf lettuce and parsley and drizzled on a bit of chimmichurri sauce.

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