Sent it back. 10/13/17

We went out to dinner with our son here in St. George. We have a minimum that we have to eat at the restaurant associated with our subdivision so it makes sense to have our fancy dinner out there. I know that our mantra for dining in Utah is to have as few intermediary steps as possible between the meat or produce and the final dish. This means for instance “kill cow, cook cow, eat cow.” So when I ordered cheese filled ravioli in a pomodoro sauce with squash tips I knew it would probably not go well. And it did not.

Overcooked cheese ravioli and tasteless pomodoro sauce served with undercooked zucchini cubes served at slightly less than room temperature

What a pile of unappealing glop! The ravioli were stuck together under cold congealed melted cheese. Squash tips? Really? Don’t you mean zucchini cubes? Plus the messy presentation did not add any redeeming factor to the dish.

I ate one ravioli and sent the plate back.

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