Fancy wine night. 5/24/18

Every so often we have a fancy wine night. Over the years we have collected a small stash of “better” wines which we normally save for special occasions. Other times we just open a bottle as a special treat to ourselves. Tonight we had a Chateau St. Jean 2004 Reserve Sonoma County Cabernet Sauvignon.

Fancy wine with rose from our garden

Obviously a fancy wine deserves a special meal. Tonight we prepared ribeye cap prime steak, steamed new potatoes, and Brussels sprouts.

Prime rib eye cap steak, steamed new potatoes, and brussel sprouts

We cooked the steak using the sous vide method and setting our immersion circulator to 125F for a perfect medium rare.  John gave it a quick sear on the grill afterwards. I steamed the new potatoes and gave them a dusting of smoked paprika so they would not look so plain. The Brussels sprouts were place in a pan cut side down with a little water and some butter. Once the water had almost evaporated I added 2 tablespoons of dry sherry. Once that had evaporated the sprouts browned up in the residual butter in the pan.

Yay! Fancy dinner night!

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