Saffron Pernod Shrimp. 5/23/18

Saffron Pernod shrimp, brown rice, and collard greens with corn

Having finished up our leftovers of this dish last night our daughter declared that it was like eating in a restaurant! That is high praise indeed since she rarely eats any of our food. Saffron shrimp with Pernod sauce has become a real favorite around here and we seem to be making it every week or two.

It takes quite a bit of chopping since you have to make a brunoise of fennel, onions, bell pepper, and onion. There is also a cup of chopped tomato and a chiffonade of collard greens. I took care of all that before John got home from work so his job was just to do the cooking. I also made the brown rice ahead in the Instant Pot but have decided it has a better flavor when I make it in the oven.


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