Turn a leftover into a new dish! 5/26/18

Whoa, I have been derelict in my blogging duties and have sat around for a couple of days not posting my meals and pictures. No excuse. I just did not do it even though John and I cooked some excellent meals. So now I am casting my mind back to what I ate, how I cooked it, and whether I liked it.

Tonight’s dinner was 3-cup chicken with peanut sauce and pasta. We had the chicken earlier in the week and had to extend the sauce by adding some chicken broth and soy sauce. John suggested we sprinkle some peanuts on top which made me think of adding some peanut butter to the sauce. Then I decided to cut collard greens into pasta sized strips and add it at the last minute to the sauce. It turned out super good!

Leftover 3-cup chicken with sauce enhanced with peanut butter over spaghetti and collard greens garnished with chopped peanuts

Yummy close-up


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