Zayde burgers and tots. 6/11/18

Along with my blue box mac and cheese our other super hit with our grandkids is Zayde burgers. While Jon, the kids, and I went to the bread store and did a little sightseeing around St. George, John got the burgers ready for cooking. He seasoned the meat well and added a little baking soda to keep the burgers juicy even though we cook them more well-done for the kids.

Before dinner we had family movie time with some snacks. Today we watched the movie, Clue, since we played the game for the first time this morning.

Rounding out our dinner we had a bunch of tater tots and cole slaw. Since Jon and the kids also spent a couple hours at the pool, the kids were ready for an early bed time. (Daddy, Beeba, and Zayde too!)

Grilled hamburger and tater tots

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