Pancakes and shrimp. 6/12/18

No doubt you are saying to yourself, is this like chicken and waffles? Interesting concept but this is what I made for the kids and what we adults ate for dinner. Two separate things.

I got the pancake recipe from my daughter-in-law so that the grandkids would for sure to  like it . The recipe comes from the Cook’s Illustrated Cookbook and I made it as best I could. Sam liked them a lot while Alex was not ready to give them two thumbs up. He told me they were fine but were missing the magical touch of his mom. He instead praised me for my Kraft macaroni and cheese. Okay, I am good with that. A mother’s dish should always be more magical.


Later John and I (but mostly John) made saffron shrimp in Pernod sauce. It was a big hit. We have reformulated the recipe a bit and I will make a separate post of it. It is delicous and you will love it.

Saffron shrimp with Pernod sauce and yellow rice

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