Wild card Sunday and new menu. 7/8/18

I decided to give my days of the week new names like Veg Monday, Chicken Tuesday, Red meat Wednesday, etc.  We also decided we needed at least one day a week where we might get take-out or go out or whatever. After cooking for thirteen or so days we need a day off – so wild card Sunday.

For wild card Sunday yesterday we got take-out from our local Chinese restaurant. Our favorites are moo shu pork and Mongolian beef.

Moo shu pork

Here is our menu for this week. I have tried to include dishes that do not need a whole lot of kitchen cooking. It has been really hot here in Northern California and I do not want to heat the kitchen up. We will be using the outdoor grill, the immersion circulator, the microwave, lots of salads, and some prepared foods from the grocery store.

You see we have a Celebration Saturday. We are celebrating our 46th wedding anniversary with an overnight and a fancy dinner in Half Moon Bay. For us, cooking together has been part of the glue to our great marriage.


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