Vega/Vege Afghani dahl with spinach salad. 9/11/18

Note: This simple dinner is vegan when omitting the yogurt and feta.

After our Sephardic extravaganza on Monday it is time to get back to something simpler. I cannot stress enough how delicious this Afghani preparation of lentils is. It is basically just red lentils with garlic, ginger, onion and some spices cooked for about 15 minutes in vegetable or chicken stock. I use this recipe from Afghan Culture Unveiled. I cut back on the ginger by about half because I feel a whole tablespoon really takes over and you cannot taste the lentils.

As a side dish I make my trusty tomatoes, cucumbers, and feta salad atop some spinach left over from Monday night. The combo of lentils and salad makes a nutrious super easy and tasty dinner.

Afghani dahl with spinach, cucumber and tomato salad

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