From Ho-hum to Banh mi Burger! 9/29/18

You can make your burger extra-ordinary with a few simple ingredients. To give it an exotic taste this is all you have to do. (This is by no means authentic.)

Starting at the bottom you have a toasted roll followed by a mayo and Tabasco schmear.  Then there are pickled carrots, onions, and cucumbers. Next layer is the pate. Since we are taking shortcuts we use a thin slice of liverwurst. Then comes the grilled hamburger patty. On top of the burger we put pickled jalapeño and a bunch of cilantro. The pickled jalapeño is very hot straight out of the jar so I add some oil and sugar to tone it down.

I love hamburgers in almost any form and this take on a Vietnamese banh mi is a real winner. I am thinking about what ethnicities to try next. Italian patty with tomato sauce and mozzarella? Middle Eastern kabob? Taco burger? …

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