Shrimp biryani. 10/16/18

Originally this recipe for shrimp biryani was supposed to be made entirely in an Instant Pot. Since to use pressure cooking in cooking the shrimp needed jumbo shrimp and we only had smaller shrimp, we decide to cook the shrimp separately and just make the flavorful rice in the Instant Pot.

When we put it all together the dish is delicious! First we soak the basmati rice for 20 minutes and then drain. I cut up onion, garlic, ginger, and the curry leaves which I found at Ranch 99, a local Asian supermarket. John sautes the vegetables in the Instant Pot along with a bunch of spices. Then he adds the drained rice, tomatoes, and shrimp stock made from the shrimp tails. Cook on high for three minutes. Let steam off immediately and add the cooked shrimp and let the whole thing sit for  a few minutes under a kitchen towel.

Shrimp biryani

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