Vegan/vegetarian soup and sandwich. 2/25/19

This is a no recipe week. We are just eating things that we know how to make. Tonight’s vegan/vegetarian meal is a simple homemade soup and a pita sandwich.

Celery soup is a whole head of roughly chopped celery cooked with a medium onion and a potato (both also roughly chopped) in some stock. In fact I am short on stock tonight so it is mostly water which is well-seasoned with salt, pepper, and whatever herb you have handy. I happen to have thyme in the refrigerator so in it goes. Once the vegetables are soft purée them in a blender, food processor, or with a stick blender. At this point you can add a little cream if you want but it is not necessary. I top my bowl with a few celery leaves and a drizzle of olive oil. You can add a dollop of plain yogurt or not.

Celery soup

For the pita sandwiches I spin a some canned chickpeas which have been rinsed and drained in the food processor for a few pulses with some celery, salt, pepper, and olive oil. I have the food processor out so I may as well use it for both dishes. I stuff my pita with the chickpea mixture, some lettuce, and cherry tomatoes.

Soup and a sandwich. Good for lunch or dinner!

Chunky chickpea spread with lettuce and tomatoes in a whole wheat pita pocket

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