Memorial Day grilling. 5/27/1

Memorial Day weekend is usually considered the kickoff to summer. So along with the more somber activities of the holiday such as visiting cemeteries and laying wreaths honoring our war dead, we also have parades and cook-outs.

We had a small gathering of John, our daughter, and me for the traditional burgers on the grill with salady sides. I made a broccoli salad and potato salad and John was the grill master.

Sides and condiments – sweet and savory celery seed broccoli salad and vinaigrette and cornichon potato salad

The broccoli is marinated in an oil, sugar, vinegar, lemon juice, onion, and celery seed dressing. The potato dressing is a whole grain mustard vinaigrette with onions and cornichons.

Happy Memorial Day and the start of summer (it is still too chilly to eat outside)

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