Sweet Italian sausage with polenta and salad. 5/30/19

I started out by cutting the onions and bell peppers for tonight’s dinner plus enough for use in the fajitas we are having tomorrow night – two birds with one stone! Next I prepared the vegetables for the salad. I have a small hand-held mandoline  that I have started using for these tasks which makes the prep easy and the slices consistent.

Oxo hand-held mandoline

So along with my salad greens I had tomatoes, scallions, cucumber, radishes, and mushrooms. Definitely a pretty salad makes it more appealing.

Green salad with garnish

John started the sausages in a little water and then when they were cooked through and the water had evaporated, he browned them. He was also in charge of the polenta which he makes with a ratio of 5 1/2 cups of water to 1 cup polenta, a little olive oil, and fresh oregano. The high ratio of water to polenta makes it super creamy.

Sweet Italian sausage, bell peppers, and onions on creamy polenta with crisp tossed salad

As usual, working together, John and I made a delicious dinner in almost no time at all!

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